My guardian angel

For a moment
I went to heaven
I met an angel and
She whispered to me
“Go Back to Earth,
One of the angels on earth is
Waiting for you ”
All went black
That is all
I can remember
From heaven
Suddenly, I heard
Some voices called
Lilly! Lilly! Lilly!
I did not bother
Sinking in excruciating pain
I slept more comfortably
I felt someone
Rubbed me softly
Slightly I opened my eyes
Could not see clearly
But saw that angel
From heaven
I was on her lap
She rubbed me softly
Called me Lilly
Still could not see her halo
I had a crown
Around my head
Could not feel
My jaws at all
I needed to get up
Run Away
But, I could not
Stand alone
She comforted me
Greets me with love
I could not see sharply
But saw her kind eyes
Now I can stand up and run
On my own
She fed me as a mother
She treated me as a doctor
Days passed
Since then
I am with her
She is my guardian angel

Thanks to everyone who read my poem! 🤗

I have something special to tell you about this poem. The story based on this poem is a real experience of my sister. She loves animals more than anything else. One day she met this kitten (now called Lilly) on the street. Lilly was hit by a vehicle and was in shock. But my sister has seen that Lilly’s hand move. She then quickly rushed to Lilly’s rescue. Unfortunately, Lilly lost her left eye. Other than that, she was completely recovered. Now she looks at the world with an eye. Lilly has been a member of our family ever since.❤️

Originally published at: Weeds & Wildflowers