A short story about the wonderful thing of fate.

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Jayden and I attended the same primary school when we were young. Our school had five classrooms per grade. So we were not in the same classroom. Therefore we never talked to each other. In short, I do not remember his face at that time. In time, he moved to a new school. I stayed in the same school.

As time went on, we reached our teenage years. In those days, I enjoyed school time pretty much. I did all the extra curriculum works in school beyond the subject matters. I had plenty of friends other than Jayden. However, I always heard a lot of tittle-tattle about Jayden from my friends. According to my impish friends, he had a girl's eye-catching look. I saw some pictures of him among my friends. At a glance, he had a dashing and handsome look. In the opinion of my friends, he was an arrogant guy because of his image. Frankly speaking, I was a little curious to talk to him. On the other hand, I do not like people with swollen heads.

Subsequently, in our final years, we (Jayden and I) had the same tutor for one subject. He was a great teacher and an amicable person to his students. Therefore, we decided to celebrate his birthday as a surprise. Jayden, my friends, and I set it up pleasantly. Eventually, that day came. We thoroughly enjoyed that day. That was the day Jayden and I first met in persons.

I could remember Jayden was socializing with friends at the party. Also, he was reluctant to talk to strangers. It made me angry. I like to chat with everyone. Because they were all studying under the same teacher. Then there could not be any strangers among us. Other than that, the party was pretty awesome.
When I finished school, I entered into my higher studies. After the school years, I never heard about Jayden. As time goes by, I forgot about him at all.
Years afterward, something incredible happened. While I was working in the office, I received a friend request from a stranger on Facebook. Suddenly, I could not recognize him. Although, I scrolled through his account to find out who he was. A handsome man he was, Jayden. Ultimately, I accepted his request. Then we became friends, only from the Facebook friends list. He responded to my Facebook post, and I responded to him. Time was passing like this.
A couple of months later, while I was scrolling through Facebook one night, I got a message from Jayden. Saying,


I was astonished to see that. I was not expecting even a word from him at that moment. A few hours later, I replied. Saying,


He did not reply. Nothing more than that. I was a little curious about what happened. However, I fell asleep as it was close to midnight. The next morning he had replied. Saying,

"Sorry about the last night. I was out of my mind. I did not intend to text you. Sorry again."

I felt ashamed when I saw it. Because I replied to him. It means that he did not want to talk to me when he was mindful. It made me incredibly angry. It is up to you to decide how much ego he had. Then I replied. Saying,

"It is okay. Forget it."

But that was not the end. Eventually, it was the beginning of our friendship. In time, that arrogant boy became my best friend. We chat constantly. Most of the days, I began the day with his good morning message. I fell asleep after sending him a good night message. He told me everything about his life. Me too.

One night he sent me a message saying that the next morning he was going somewhere with one of his friends. That night I fell asleep after wishing him a safe journey. The next day while I was working in the office, my phone started ringing. The phone display shows Jayden's cell phone number. I was confused. Until that day, he had not spoken to me. We became friends only through WhatsApp messages. Within the baffled feeling, I answered the phone. I heard a rough male voice on the other end of the phone. It was from Jayden. It was the first time we heard our voices. He asked me about one of the destinations in my home town. He was in my home town. I was surprised. We could not meet that day because of my strict schedule in the office.

Okay fine. Now time to be honest. At some point, I had feelings about Jayden. Yet, I did not show it to him. I wanted to know if he feels the same way. When he came to my home town, I felt that he had some feelings for me. A few weeks later, he asked me out. Although I was delighted by the heart, I suggested him to get my parent's permission. He accepted my request. We turned our friendship into love. Furthermore, he called me. That was the second time we talked to each other. We talked for hours.

The next day I had to attend lectures at the university. In the middle of the lecture, I received a message from Jayden. Saying,

"Text me when your lecture is over."

I always told him when my lectures were over. He mentioned it specifically that day, and I did not feel anything serious about it. Most of the time, my friends and I go to a restaurant near our university after lectures. That day too we went to the restaurant as usual. Before we got there, I texted Jayden as he said.

Instantaneously, he called me and asked me about the restaurant. Though I was eating, I told him about the location and details of the restaurant. While I was eating, I saw through the window of the restaurant, Jayden was coming towards the restaurant. I could not think of anything that happened unexpectedly. I just remember I was staring at him like I was stuck. There he was in a person in the presence of me. He was a handsome young man. Amid happiness, emotions, and excitement, I introduced Jayden to my friends. It was the first time we met as lovers.

I got the life I dreamed of. He always cared about me. He made me happy. He came to see me every weekend. As my parents gave me, he gave me the freedom that every girl dreamed of.

One day he told me that his friends had organized a dinner party for us. As he said, I got ready for the party. I saw a nice table decor when we got into the rooftop restaurant. That table was specially decorated for us. There were lots of red rose petals and fascinating candles on the table surface. I thought that table decoration would suit a romantic moment. His friends appeared just minutes after we arrived. The party was full of cheerfulness. In the middle of the party, a friend of Jayden's invited us to take pictures. We went to the corner of the wonderfully decorated sky lounge to take pictures. We could get only a few pictures. In the blink of an eye, I saw Jayden was on his knees and holding a ring towards me and asked,

"I want to share the rest of my life with you. Will you marry me?"

He proposed to me, and it brought tears to my eyes. It was so amazing. That whole dinner was his plan. He always tried to surprise me as he can. I adored it so much and I said,


Months after that date, I became his bride as his wish. Ever since I am his wife, and he is my beloved husband. This is our love story. That arrogant teen boy, mine…forever…

The End!
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