The Rooted Angel

A short story about nature. Nature gives us what we never expected. Sometimes, it is for the better, but sometimes, it is for the worst. It all depends on how we loved nature.

Image by Stanly8853 from Pixabay

Some time ago, Mr. Peter lost his job. As a result of increased illness, which had occurred a little while ago. For this reason, Mrs. Peter had to bear all the expenses of the family. Mrs. Peter is a journalist with the local newspaper. However, after selling their home, they moved to a new home that is smaller than their former home. Due to lack of money, they wanted to save money for Mr. Peter's treatments.
Their newly purchased home had everything that Mr. and Mrs. Peter wanted, except for the littleness. The house was located at the corner of the street and had a harvest garden and picturesque surroundings. 

Most of the time, they spent time in their garden. There was an enormous oak tree a few meters away from their bedroom window. They preferred to spend more time in the shade of the oak tree. When Mrs. Peter writes, that oak tree provides better shade for her writing desk in their bedroom. In time, that oak tree became an essential part of their lives.

After staying in their new home for a few months, it rained heavily one night amidst thunder and lightning. Mr. Peter woke up at midnight and looked out from their window. He saw the branches of the oak tree twisting. Like it's crashing down now. He did not sleep after that, for fear that the oak tree would fall into their bedroom.

The next morning, during their breakfast, they heard the news on a local news channel that last night's storm had caused damages to the villagers. At that moment, Mr. Peter told Mrs. Peter what he had seen last night. Although how much they loved the oak tree, Mr. Peter suggested that the tree should be cut down.

"I'm sure it's dangerous. We really need to cut down that oak tree." Mr. Peter said.

Mrs. Peter was shocked to hear that. She never thought Mr. Peter would put into words like that. With frustrated feelings, Mrs. Peter said,

"Don't be silly!"

She quite likes this oak tree herself. Other than refreshed from the shade of the tree, she used to look at the tree and write. It gave her fresh ideas to her mind. At some point, she felt the tree was real. She could sense the tree was trying to tell her something. Her idea was that the tree would never harm them.

"It's quite safe. It isn't going to fall down on the house!" Mrs. Peter said with a bit of anger.

Mr. Peter could understand her feelings and did not want to hurt her. Accordingly, he changed the topic for that moment, yet with horrible feelings in his mind about the oak tree.

The days went by, and again the rain came with the storm. This time it was daytime. By then, Mrs. Peter was writing, in the presence of her desk. She could see what Mr. Peter had said the other day in her very eyes. Mr. Peter stood beside her and looked at the twisting oak tree without saying anything to her. At that time, Mrs. Peter could see her husband's weighty face, and she tried to avoid looking directly at his face.

As before, they heard the news of the storm damages. This time, however, Mr. and Mrs. Peter had to see the damage with their very eyes. They saw a tree crashed into one of their neighboring houses during the storm. The villagers then rushed the residents to the hospital. After seeing all this , it made Mrs Peter's mind a bit frightened.

Eventually, Mrs. Peter agreed to prune the branches. Afterwards, a couple of workmen came to cut the tree branches down. Mrs. Peter planned to leave home when pruning the tree branches.

Suddenly, she noticed the leaves of the tree had withered, such as the tree requests from her not to cut down. Then she ran to the workmen and said,

"Please leave the tree alone. We changed our minds."

The workers were angry about the waste of their time. Mr. Peter apologized for that and paid a tip for their time. She hugged the trunk of the tree and let out a sigh. Although Mr. Peter got angry about his wife's behavior, he could not blame her. He knew well her bond with that oak tree.

In due course, it was time for Mr. Peter to do the last treatment to recover from his illness. Mr. Peter bothered about the size of the bill. It would be more expensive than other treatments.

One night it rained again while they were discussing how to raise money for the treatment. After a while, they heard an unexpected sound from their bedroom roof. Then the raindrops came to the bedroom from the top of the roof. Mrs. Peter hurried to put buckets to collect the rainwater, and Mr. Peter went to find out what had happened.

As they thought, it was the oak tree. Some branches of the oak tree had fallen on the roof of their bedroom. But they could do nothing because it was still raining.

The next day Mr. Peter climbed onto the roof and began to investigate the damage. He saw the chimney-corner and rooftop had broken down upon to the ceiling. Since they had a lack of money, Mr. Peter decided to renovate the roof by himself. To do that, he started to cut the branches that were still on the roof.

At that moment, Mrs. Peter looked straight at the oak tree with a grumpy face. However, she felt the oak tree did not care what had happened, and oak leaves sway in the breeze as if grinning at her.

After removing the tree branches, there was a big hole in the top of the roof. Mr. Peter then climbed to the ceiling and began to clean the ceiling. Upon further investigation, he noticed there was something stuck in between the sub-board and the ceiling sheets. He had to rely on his strength to grab the stuck object and pull it towards him.

It was an old metal suitcase. Someone had hidden it there so that no one can find it. When Mr. Peter tried to carry the box, he was amazed at how heavy it was. Next, he called to Mrs. Peter to show her what he had found.

Mrs. Peter was always depressed about her husband's illness. While Mr. Peter called her, she was thinking about how to find the money for his treatments. Suddenly, Mrs. Peter was in doubt when she heard Mr. Peter's voice in that tone. However, she ran out and looked at Mr. Peter.

"Hey, look! look what I found." Mr. Peter shouted with curiosity about the bolt from the blue.

Although with difficulty, both together brought down that suitcase to the ground. Mr. and Mrs. Peter both were extremely curious as to why someone took such a step to hide such a suitcase. They realized that the content must be of great significance since someone has hidden it well and because of its weight. They had a hard time guessing what items were inside.

In the end, after a few guesses, they opened the suitcase sitting under the oak tree. It was full of jewelry - rings, necklaces, bracelets, gold coins, and gold ingots!

"Gosh!" Mrs. Peter cried out.

"I think someone hid these things in the ceiling a long time ago." Mr. Peter said.

"They're probably worth a small fortune!" Mrs. Peter shouted happily.

Suddenly a few oak leaves fell on Mrs. Peter's head as a hint for her with warmest regards. She felt that the oak tree was behind all these things. Then she hugged the oak tree with tears in her eyes.

The next day they went to the city and sold some gold and earned money for Mr. Peter's treatment. Eventually, Mr. Peter fully recovered from his illness. Furthermore, he was able to find a new job. Also, they had their treasure with them. They could live happily ever after. However, they never left the oak tree alone.

The End!

Originally published at ILLUMINATION